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A content on ANCHOCO is carefully designed through a usability or user experience. ANCHOCO on your desk, near your laptop, or with your key ring saves your valuable time.

New collection

B5-ANC04 / For Chemists

B5-ANC04 / For Chemists

Regular price ¥2,000

B5-ANC03 / For C Programmers

B5-ANC03 / For C Programmers

Regular price ¥2,000


For All Photographers!



  • For the professions

    If the technical question is frequently asked one, it's easy to remember, but not so frequently asked and you need them sometimes,  Here ANCHOCO. comes !
    ANCHOCO means "crib sheet" in Japanese.

  • Good design

    The card is clarity. All information are supervised by professional in the fields.

  • Slim and affordable

    The card  size is same as a credit card and made of PCB.

What's next?

We're going to make a new ANCHOCO and and other projects such as IOT developing tools!